Julie Clark / Province Apothecary

What do you do? How did you get started?

I own an organic skincare company in Toronto - Province Apothecary, I got started 6 years ago because I wanted to find a natural way to heal my eczema

What do you love most about your work?

Going to work everyday and working with my amazing team. And helping people heal their skin!


 Where do you find inspiration?

From everyone that surrounds me, especially my amazing clients.


What does a typical day look like for you?

Everyday is different. I always try to start with a meditation or a writing session, then I head to work and I am either at the store, in production or giving facials. I generally work 10-12 hours a day. I then head home to spend time with my husband or make dinner plans with friends.


What advice do you have to offer someone who is just starting out?

Ask for help! Also: Be disciplined with your time and don't give up.

What is your relationship to Osei-Duro?

Maryanne and I were roommates + friends  in Montreal, over ten years ago.


What's your favorite Osei-Duro piece in your wardrobe and why?

I love your tank tops, I have several of them and they are my summer staples. I always get so many compliments on them. And they get better every time you wash them!


Is there a memorable occasion or story where you've worn our clothing?

I wore my silk blue + green dress to 6 weddings in one year! I love the colors and fit of this dress so much, when I tried to wear something else I would always change last minute! I love Osei-Duro clothes because they are gorgeous and eye catching and have an amazing story behind them.


How do you style your Osei-Duro pieces?

I generally wear them on their own, they stand out own their own and I wear minimal accessories.


Is there any music you're loving right now?

Songs around the camp fire!


Recommend something to us!

I love cooking and have recently getting back into 101 cookbooks and the art of fermentation! I just made dill pickles, honey garlic, and sauerkraut.




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