Marie Humbert

Marie Humbert is an award winning Ghanaian-Swiss actress based in Accra. She first encountered Osei-Duro's pieces on the set of the popular series An African City, which she stars in as Makena. We sit down and chat about what it's like to live and work in West Africa.

What do you do? How did you get started?

I began my acting career in theatre around the age of twelve, it is and will always be where I feel right at home, on stage, in front of an audience. I moved to film about three years ago. I always knew I wanted to be an actress, I studied and worked hard to be where I am today.

What do you love most about your work?

I love being able to delve into the world, life and psyche of a character. Not only is it captivating but also highly inspirational as I have learned and keep learning so much from the characters I have the opportunity to play.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration from everything and anything, life, people, nature, all forms of art, history, traveling.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I cannot function without my coffee in the morning. People should actually fear me before that! I then watch the news, check my schedule, write and answer emails. I'm in the research phase of my own project at the moment, so that takes most of my time. Otherwise, if I have meetings I get ready for them, if I'm shooting then I go to set. In the evenings I usually have a glass of wine, go out for dinner or stay in with friends and/or family.

What advice do you have to offer someone who is just starting out?

Stay humble and respectful of others. Do not take anything for granted, treat every professional opportunity seriously whether or not you like it. Have a good attitude however, stand for what you believe in but always in a diplomatic manner. Most importantly, do not compare yourself to others, have fun and enjoy every minute, life is short.

How does the city you live in influence your creativity?

You have to be adventurous and curious to know what there is to do, you need to go out there and explore. There is however, a very strong artistic movement taking over not just in Ghana but on the entire African continent. From fashion to music to film, there is so much African talent being shared with the rest of the world. I am surrounded by amazing and unique individuals that definitely keep inspiring me to be more creative everyday.

What is your relationship to Osei-Duro?

I met one of the designers/directors of the brand by the poolside of one of my favorite boutique hotels in Accra, Ghana. We discussed all things fashion and the rest is history!

What’s your favorite Osei-Duro piece in your wardrobe and why?

My favorite piece, although I love pretty much everything Osei-Duro, has to be these black and white pants I literally 'fought' for! My co-star in the series An African City wore the pants for a scene and all of us main actresses raved about them. I managed to buy them after filming, they just give me so much life every time I wear them.

How do you style your Osei-Duro pieces?

It's all about feeling comfortable, I usually like the tops and dresses oversized but I like the pants a bit more fitted. 

Is there a memorable occasion or story where you’ve worn our clothing?

I've had the pleasure of wearing Osei-Duro several times on set of the series An African City. I've also worn Osei-Duro for various fashion photo shoots. However, my most memorable has to be wearing my favorite Osei-Duro pants for my birthday in Paris two years ago. Everyone literally stopped me to ask where I got them, I felt invincible and 'oh so fashionable'!