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Scarf Necklace

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Hand cast brass on cotton/silk batiked scarf. 

  • Scarf measures 44" x 7"
  • Hand batiked in Ghana
  • Hand cast in Ghana 

Osei-Duro garments are hand dyed and each piece is unique. Please note that print placement and hue may vary.

Lost-wax brass casting was developed by the Asante people in Ghana to make objects for gold transactions, such as weights and canisters. Like their forefathers, Ghana’s brass casters begin the process of making metal articles by sculpting in beeswax. The wax form is then painted with a paste of fine charcoal and water and covered in a mold of coarse palm fibers and clay. This porous mixture permits the necessary release of hot air and gases as the mold is baked, giving the final product a smooth finish. Finally, the wax is poured out and replaced by molten brass. The finished brass piece is polished with palm nut fibers and sand over several days.

All Osei-Duro brass jewelry is created in collaboration with artisans in the Asante region of Ghana.


Bust 32" – 33" 34" 36" – 37" 38" – 39"
Waist 25" 27" 29" 31"
Hip 34" – 35" 36" – 37" 38" – 39" 40" – 41"
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