Cool Cool Cool -- Capsule Series

Behold a special collection that we’ve been dreaming up for quite some time. We’d been thinking about creating a collection that brought together multiple prints and finally found the time to bring it to life. Doing four different prints in one garment was a pain in the butt! From communicating the print layout, to figuring out the thread color (we chose one color instead of changing it) and also the cutting! But after all the hard work of the team, we are so pleased with how it turned out. Below are some images of our process. 

 Photos by Kweku Okatakyie (unless otherwise specified)


Person in colorful batik printed dress and white clogs on plain backdrop.

Image by Lauren Zbarsky

Textile dyeing workspace with containers and dark liquid dye.
Person working with blue fabric outdoors near construction site.
Individual hanging orange fabric on a clothing line with pink fabric surrounding.
Bright pink fabric hanging on lines outdoors with building backdrop.
Batik rubber stamp on gray surface with window and dye dishes in background.
Individual outdoors handling batiked fabric with sand piles and basin nearby.
Stack of purple and black fabrics with waxed batik abstract print.
Two large bowls with fabric, one with dark liquid dye, one with batik print material.
Close-up of orange fabric with abstract brown swirl pattern
Close-up of hands working with scraping tool on wax residue-covered surface.
Large black pot over open fire with batik waxed fabric.
Person stirring pot on open fire with another washing fabric.
Person hanging patterned orange fabric on clothesline outdoors.
Bright orange fabrics with circular and floral batik prints drying on a line.
Bright fabrics with bold batik prints drying on a line against a building.
Hands rinsing orange dyed fabric in black vat with folded fabric beside
Two large metal bowls one with melted wax and the other with greenish-blue wax blocks.
Person removing orange and red batik dyed fabric from drying line outdoors.
Woman in colorful patchwork Osei-Duro Bata Dress against greenery.

Image by Ofoe Amegavie

Print: Cool Cool Cool