Cool Cool Cool -- Capsule Series

Behold a special collection that we’ve been dreaming up for quite some time. We’d been thinking about creating a collection that brought together multiple prints and finally found the time to bring it to life. Doing four different prints in one garment was a pain in the butt! From communicating the print layout, to figuring out the thread color (we chose one color instead of changing it) and also the cutting! But after all the hard work of the team, we are so pleased with how it turned out. Below are some images of our process. 

 Photos by Kweku Okatakyie (unless otherwise specified)


Image by Lauren Zbarsky

Image by Ofoe Amegavie

Print: Cool Cool Cool

Bata Dress in Cool Cool Cool


S M L 3X 4X

Bula Shirt in Cool Cool Cool

Esca Dress in Cool Cool Cool

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M L XL 2X 3X