We at Osei-Duro are interested in alternative economies, and work towards a more balanced global system where resources flow equitably. We find that cutting money out of the equation is one great way to do this. As a result, we are excited to introduce a Barter option to our site!

If you have a good or service you'd like to trade for items on our webstore, send us an email and we will consider it. Examples of items that may be useful:

  • Services or gift cards for haircuts, graphic design, office electronics, research, photography, etc. Services usually work best in cities we are in, which are currently: Accra, Los Angeles and Vancouver.
  • Things that you make: clothes, jewelry, home decor, body products etc. 
  • Go to and find the item(s) you want.
  • Send an email to with the total value of what you want from us, and then suggest a fair value trade of what you can offer. Include links to what you do.
Due to demand, we may only reply to emails with trades that are useful to us. Apologies in advance.