Francis Kokoroko / Photographer

Francis Kokoroko is a collaborator, good friend, and photographer based in Accra. Francis was behind the camera at our House Party shoot, and many of our ecomm photo shoots as well. Without a doubt, Francis is a driving force behind this city’s growing artistic community. His work ranges widely, including fashion editorial, creative science fiction, and social-political documentation projects. Francis is also one of three founders of a groundbreaking new experimental art venue in the bustling neighborhood of Osu: The Studio.

Through Francis' lens, one gets a true sense of everyday life in Ghana, and can witness the beautiful spectrum of communities and culture that co-exist in West Africa. Below is an interview we did recently, where the artist, who also sometimes goes by the name Humble Lion, talks about his photography practice, inspiration, and the power of social media.

Ghana's Drone Scrap Program 2054 © Francis Kokoroko 2016

What do you do?


What does the medium of photography represent to you as a creative?

A way of experiencing life and giving back what I feel through photographs.

francis kokoroko ghana election

A New Patriotic Party [NPP] campaign truck at one of their nation-wide political rallies. Adentan, Accra-Ghana. October 20, 2016. © Francis Kokoroko 2016

Where do you find inspiration?

Cultures / Books / Art

What does a typical day look like for you?

Spending time with family / taking pictures [assignments/personal projects]

Story for the gods. Kpledzo. © Francis Kokoroko 2015

How do you see photography as a tool for progress?

Photography communicates. It is both powerful as a tool of progress and regress depending on who is making them.

Young Mayweather! A young boy’s dream to become the Undefeated World Champion. Jamestown, Ghana. © Francis Kokoroko 2016

What is the impact of social media platforms such as Instagram on your practice?

Being in a country where libraries are scant, Instagram offers me leads on art. It offers me the the opportunity to get into spaces that are not familiar or otherwise inaccessible.

It is great inspiration to have knowledge on what people have created / are making elsewhere in the world.

Getting into these spaces is very empowering.

Osei-Duro House Party, 2016