Kpando Potters Cooperative

Kpando is a small town located in Ghana’s Volta Region, five hours away from Accra. Nestled in the lush forest just a short distance from the main market center is the Kpando Fesi Shed. This women’s pottery cooperative is a space for members to earn a living through the production of ceramic goods. Everything in the workshop is hand built with care and precision. The distinctive style is striking; a warm shiny black patina finish and unique detailed textures. 

We at Osei-Duro are big fans of this work, and are excited to share these recent images of the process unfolding.

Artisans at Kpando Potters Cooperative in Ghana crafting pottery under a shelter, surrounded by ceramic goods.

The powerhouse women who work at the Kpando Fesi Shed are happy to walk visitors through the steps; from the early stages of clay mixing, sculpting pieces, and the firing process. Visiting this little oasis tucked away in the Eastern Region of Ghana is a humbling experience not to be missed if you have the chance.

Outdoor scene at Kpando Potters Cooperative, featuring a woman smiling at the camera, an open fire with large pots, and a shelter-like structure.
“Handcrafted pottery pieces with intricate patterns displayed on a wooden table in a rustic setting at Kpando Potters Cooperative.
Collection of various handcrafted pottery items displayed in an outdoor setting at Kpando Potters Cooperative.
An artisan at Kpando Potters Cooperative working on a piece of pottery, surrounded by various pottery pieces in different stages of completion.
Collection of five earthenware pots with various designs, displayed on a corrugated metal sheet at Kpando Potters Cooperative.

Text: Molly Keogh and Shaya Ishaq. All photos: Shaya Ishaq


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