Learning and Growing Together as a Team

So, we've been pretty busy lately at our Accra headquarters, focusing on giving our team lots of chances to learn and grow. We like to start most of our training sessions with something fun, like an aerobics or yoga class to get everyone's blood pumping and put everyone in a good mood.

One of our most memorable training sessions was all about fire safety. We brought in some real professionals to show us how to stay safe in case of a fire, and even got to see some cool demonstrations with real flames! It was a pretty exciting day.

We also had some other cool training sessions, like one on first aid, another on sexual health, and one on the dangers of skin bleaching.

Our co-founder, Molly, led a fabric identification and testing workshop that everyone enjoyed, and we all learned a lot about different fabric types.

Oh, and some of our senior production team members even went on a research trip to Kumasi to learn more about natural dyes and more traditional ways of dying! While there, they took in an impressive textile art exhibit by @priscilla_kennedy_ which brought with it a lot of inspiration and thoughtful reflection.

Finally, Our human resource team has some ongoing classes for anyone on the team who's interested. We’re offering basic computer skills, Photoshop, or even photography classes. Useful skills to bring into any area of life.

So far we've received a lot of positive feedback from our staff members about the training sessions we've been holding. We're really excited about this and look forward to hosting more sessions this spring. Our goal is to continue building our workplace culture and strengthening our connections with the team.