Marie Colin-Madan x Osei-Duro

Since 2016 we've been working on this print collabo with French textile artist Marie Colin-Madan. We are pleased to present an interview and images of the process.

A woman wearing yellow-black print collab dress by Osei-Duro & Marie Colin Madan standing against a metal fence.

What do you do? How did you get started?

I co-founded and co-designed a scarves brand called Milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre for five years (it was during this time I met Maryanne) with the textile designer Amelie Charroin.

And from 2015 I've worked as a freelance textile designer. I also teach textile  design for the classe préparatoire des beaux-arts de Lyon.

I've lived in the countryside (1 hour away from Lyon) for the last six years with my two kids and my musician partner.

Individual in white top and Osei-Duro trousers in collaboration with Marie Colin-Madan print by black fence, hand on head.

What advice do you have to offer someone who is just starting out?

Try to federate all the aspects of your personality to give birth to a unique profile. Maybe it will give you some things you've never seen or heard or smelled before that could seem very weird to you and to others but that’s what we really need.

We need visions that jostle us and take us out of our comfort zones to open other possibilities.

What are the top 3 places we should check out in your city?

The amazing « Couvent de la Tourette » de Le Corbusier.

Couzan Castle, a medieval fortress built on a rocky outcrop to the west of Sail-sous-Couzan in the Forez mountains.

Visit the textile factories still in operation in the region to discover their know-how.

Abstract black and olive pattern designed by Marie Colin-Madan with grid background and red dimension marks.

What is your relationship to Osei-Duro?

I met Maryanne in 2013 at the wedding of Jen Gilpin and Maxime Ballesteros in the South of France. There was a swimming pool in the garden and during the night everybody went to swim and put their clothes everywhere. The fact is that with the dark sky and the crowd we exchanged by mistake my black T with Maryanne's. It wasn't a very important piece of clothing for me but I really enjoyed meeting Maryanne. She told me about Osei-Duro, which seemed so cool to me, so asking her to send my back my T was the perfect way to write and continue the relationship.

White fabric with green dye spots on wooden surface, sandals visible.

What do you love most about your work?

Research and making projects with other creative people. I love building relationships through work. And I've also discovered that I really enjoy teaching!

Fabric with green abstract print drying on rack, palm trees and sky in background.

What are you working on now?

I'm working on several different projects at once. I'm showing textile pieces in a contemporary ceramic exhibition curated by the great ceramist Heloise Bariol at @nous_paris gallery. We also recently created a collective with other designers, artists, and artisans all connected by a textile practice. We will run an exhibition during the Biennale International du Design de Saint Étienne, built on the principle of the "cadavre exquis" with the color yellow as the basis of all our works. For this I'm working on a special object, I invited an architect from my village and you, Osei-Duro to collaborate. We designed this chair object with a fully sustainable approach, it's constructed with dead-stock material and fabric from factories in our region, which would have been garbage now.

I'm also trying to federated people in my countryside to build a textile resource because we live in a historical textile area and there are so many things to imagine and create around all dead stock and textile waste....

Fabric with bold black, green and white print drying on outdoor metal bar, tropical plants in background.

Where do you find inspiration?

The BIG question 🤣Everywhere, everything, everybody can be a source, in a way creative people are sort of vampires... And each creative profile (everybody is a creative person) has their own filter through which they see the world and that's what makes the proposal unique and so interesting.

Black dye pattern on white fabric on stained surface, artistic design process.

How does the place you live in influence your creativity?

The rhythm of the countryside is very different than the city, and the people you meet there are not the ones you would probably choose in the city. And that is so fucking great!!!! And my area is very inspiring because it’s a historical textile place and they still have a lot of factories.

Hands painting dye on a puzzle-like print on ground with black and green shades.

Is there any music you're loving right now?

My partner is a musician and drummer he just released 2 vinyls, his Solo project PLEIN SOLEIL one with SOCIÉTÉ ÉTRANGE in which he plays with two friends Antoine (Synthesizers) & Romain (bass) album called CHANCE is out on the amazing label Standard InFi.

Also these days I really enjoy listening to Turkish multi-instrumentalist musician Derya Yildirim & her band Grup Şimşek, especially the song NemKaldi I saw her concert at the end of the first confinement in a small festival in the French countryside and she is so brilliant!!!

Model in Osei-Duro Just Wild print dress by metal fence and natural backdrop.

Describe your perfect day off

With my family, nothing spinning in my head that can attract me elsewhere than in the present with them.

Anything else you think we should know?

You must really read The SF book « LA HORDE » by French author Alain Damasio. This is a really fantastic open window to a different way to read our world, an incredible proposal, a very singular way of looking at this world differently. In my opinion, SF is a very good weapon to help us during the troubling present times and help us to consider possibilities for the future.

Individual in bold green-black abstract print shirt and trousers, an Osei-Duro x Marie Colin-Madan collab.