Online Exclusive Osei-Duro Print

Did you know that our ten year anniversary spans three years? Welp now you do. We  first conceived of Osei-Duro in the summer of 2008. Then in January of 2009 we started planning - we sat down with Maryanne's dad and he was like "think of everything you are going to spend money on and write it down".  And we did.

Mid 2009 we went on our first trip together to Ghana. But it was was only in 2011 that we started making money, and registered the business officially.

What a ride. Thanks for all our friends and family and colleagues who have supported us along the way. And cheers to the future!

Three models in Osei-Duro outfits posing against a white wall with potted plants.


Woman in black shirt with white Osei-Duro graphic and red pants against white wall with shadows.
Two individuals in matching Osei-Duro outfits standing in front of a yellow wall.
Two individuals in black with white attire with text print, ‘OSEI-DURO’ covering the garments.
Man in black with white text print "OSEI-DURO" standing against white wall, shadow cast.
Close-up of hand in pocket of black pants with white drawstring and text print reading Osei-Duro.

Photographer: Kevin Kwabia

Models: Julee Djoulde, David Quist, Eyiwaa Gold