Osei-Duro x Cantamanto

In this reimagined Accra, our heroes navigate a silent dystopian chaos - familiar yet unfamiliar.

Osei-Duro worn with select pieces from the Cantamanto used clothing market. Photography: Eric Gyamfi. Styling: Daniel Quist. Art Direction: Lee Dekel.

Woman wears an Osei-Duro batik print dress standing behind a wall with square cutout.


Person wearing a straw hat and batik print Osei-Duro dress holding ice cream cone against red background.


Two individuals, one close up and one further back standing before a yellow wall.
Individual wearing an Osei-Duro trousers reaching out to weathered blue door on yellow building.
Person amidst ruins in unique black dress with cutouts and a yellow headscarf.
Fashion-forward figure in white, wearing a white hat, in front of red wall.
Woman in a colorful Osei-Duro batik print dress eating an ice cream cone wearing a straw hat by red wall.
Two individuals against blue wall, in fashionable outfits.
Two stylish individuals against peeling blue wall.
Individual in BLM jacket and Osei-Duro handwoven trousers facing a partially demolished wall.
Individual in patterned attire amid peeling walls and floor debris.
Individual wearing a handwoven garment leaning on yellow wall by window with blue grid , child in motion.
Two figures walking by a wall with rectangular protrusions, one in red pants, the other wearing an Osei-Duro bag.