Photos by Trimz

We teamed up with photographer Samuel Trimz for his creative lifestyle shoot in Accra. 

His love for colour, textures and patterns drew him to pursue a collaboration with Osei-Duro. After seeing some of our clothes in a repost of his friend's story he thought, "Instantly! It was perfect. I knew I had to get in touch. The outfits they make, those flairs, the colours, pattern, texture I could just feel the freedom in their outfits."

He opted to do the photoshoot outdoors in a less restricted atmosphere than a traditional studio with a plain background to express the freedom he sees in the clothing and in his own creativity. 

Models : @yasmeenamadu @judie_praise @enamhonya

Stylist : @nhyirablessing

Makeup : @yasmakeupbox

Photographer : @bytrimz

Location : @Zenosyoghurt

Samuel Nartey Narteh, @bytrimz, is a weekday physician & weekend photographer focused on lifestyle fashion, family and portraits with resonance for interior design & on-location as studios. He loves the ambiance of interior decorations & challenge on-location shoots give. Intermittently he explores other genres. Photography is his visual ministration, sharing his perspectives in a way professional with the world. He’s a fan of creative freedom, where he can stick to the principles but bend & break the rules to create the finest pieces. He is very simple & precise, in his photography he tries to incorporate that no matter how big the gig. He draws photography inspirations from Annie Leibovitz, Justin Bettman, Jason Bell, Ben bond , Apag etc…