Steloo / Fashion DJ

DJ Steloo (Evans Kissi) is well known in Accra’s music and creative scene. He is also a hit on the street, and easy to recognize with his ubiquitous aviator inspired hat and shades...

When DJ Shyshaya (Shaya Ishaq) spent some time getting to know Steloo, she found that all people all over Accra would turn and call out his name, with glee and familiarity.  "As Steloo stops to interact with friends and fans, you can see that behind his serious and robotic demeanor lies a charismatic, soft-spoken fellow who intentionally sticks out in a crowd.


A self-proclaimed fashion DJ, Steloo is on a mission to set a new standard for house music in Africa. As a sound artist, Steloo strives to broaden the African narrative on music by juxtaposing traditional beats to create contemporary electronic music. He pushes the boundaries of dubstep, EDM, as well as drum & bass with Ghanaian flair. “DJ'ing has become part of me so it comes very easy and naturally.” Watching him perform and manifest his fusion of sound and aesthetic is something to see. 

When asked how fashion informs his music, Steloo states that, “music and fashion complement each other. They come together as a complete painting on the wall. Without my fashion sense my live sets would not be complete. When I’m on the street and I’m not DJ'ing, the music is still part of me. It’s like design and architecture - they come together to create one thing for people to engage with.”

In these images (also shot by Shaya Ishaq) DJ Steloo struts and flexes in his custom Osei-Duro jumpsuit, as only he can. That is until he meets his match in Togolese-Canadian athlete and model Victoire Kpadé. ∆

Story: Molly Keogh and Shaya Ishaq