Steloolive is a fashion and sound performance artist and electronic music DJ from Accra, Ghana, West Africa. At his 2021 Artist Residency with Osei-Duro, Steloo used his skills and background to explore ways in which music and fabric can intersect. 


Dyed Volumes is Steloo's debut LP offering in which he effortlessly creates random soundscapes from diverse additive and subtractive sound sources; analogue and digital - an approach typical to his performance exhibitions.

Dyed Volumes is a four-track LP inspired by the random picturesque patterns and colors present in tie-dyed fabric which Steloo has seamlessly and effortlessly transformed into repetitive yet evolving and entrancing soundscapes of warped soundbites, monophonic, polyphonic, 8-bit chip sounds of digital and analogue origins.

Usually an album has a track that introduces listeners to the body of work contained on the album; however, and in typical Steloolive fashion where he’ll rather tread his own path as opposed to following trends or tradition, he chooses to create a wearable garment (instead of a song) as an introduction to the album.

The introduction garment is a collaboration with Osei-Duro - a clothing company based in Accra that specializes in hand-dyed clothing as a conduit for intercultural communication.

The album-inspired motifs for the fabric as well as the design for the Dyed Volumes wearable garments were created as part of Steloolive’s residency with Osei Duro.

Strictly limited to only 40 pieces, this collection of wearable garments only form a part of - and an extension of - the DYED VOLUMES ALBUM, which benefits from involvement with a plethora of artistic collaborators from Cape Town, Accra and Nuremberg.

Anyone who owns a piece of this wearable art/ garment, automatically becomes a record owner of the intro track to the album and gets to share this sonic-picturesque art piece with anyone who witnesses the wearable piece in real time as a means of unfolding a visual sound dialogue.

Photographer: Francis Kokoroko @accraphoto

Stylist: Daniel Mawuli Quist @getupstandout

Models: Mathew Osei @koj.sei & Steloo @steloolive

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Album Garment in Dyed Volumes

Patterned Album Garment top paired with dark shorts and light brown shoes, standing beside a white tent under clear skies.

Album Garment In Dyed Volumes

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