Summer Video Shoot

Watch the full length SS18 video here. You won't be disappointed.



Person in vibrant tie-dye shirt and jeans standing outdoors against a plain wall.
Two car tires on ground, one upright, one flat, against white wall.
Person in blue top and patterned pants against white wall on pavement outdoors.


Two black tires flat on gray asphalt, large white wall, overcast sky.
A woman wearing a batik black and tan print dress wearing sunglasses, and a close up.
Person with arms raised against light wall, black and white batik dress.
Side-by-side photos, close-up and full body, orange top and floral pants.
Sky with fluffy clouds above building edge, birds in formation.
Side-by-side photos of batik print jumpsuit, industrial setting with fence.

Video producer: Alec Hanham

Cinematographer: Blake Ponto

Stills photographer: Evan Parsons