Tamale Rugs

The Tamale Rugs are a special and limited object for us, and we are excited to have these online once again!

Individual holding a colorful shag rug sitting on a chair, facing away.

This time around the rugs are handmade (using our fabric scraps) by a mixed group of craftspeople in Tamale, in Northern Ghana. Each rug is completely unique and designed by its maker.

Handmade rug with red, white, and green streaks draped over wooden structure.

Some of the makers are disabled (specific disabilities ranging from blindness to learning disabilities), and some are not. Some are teens and some are adults. All do this work in an area of Ghana with very limited options for employment. We are transitioning out of working with students of the Yumba School on this project, but some of them were involved in the making of this set of rugs. Those makers who are students worked on them outside of school hours.

Person holding large colorful handmade rug in front of white wall.

100% of the profits from the sale of these rugs go directly to this group after we cover the costs of shipping, photography, and admin. Osei-Duro does not profit from the Tamale Rugs.

Close-up of colorful, handmade shag rug made with reclaimed fabric strips.

By selling through our website we can bring in considerably more income from these beauties than they can fetch in Tamale. We have 57 of these rugs available this time around. Supplies are very limited, and each rug is totally one of a kind.