The Scrap Project

Did you know that at Osei-Duro we save all our fabric leftover from production? Our textiles involve so much hand work that we've found it impossible to part with even the smallest pieces.

We are always on the lookout for creative ways to put our scraps to use. Below are a few of the projects we've done so far. From housewares such as quilts and napkins to children's art projects and a recent scuptural installation, the project is pretty wide open.

Get in touch if you have a project and would like some scraps!





The Container is an extension of Elle Lokko's creative vision in Ghana. A 20ft shipping container turned artistic incubator, the Container houses rotating exhibits by local designers, and acts as entryway to Accra's private social club Front/Back.

For Osei-Duro's recent installation at The Container, we created a complete tactile environment out of scraps, inviting visitors to touch and interact with the bright otherworldly textures and to contribute to ongoing textile exploration within the space. 


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