Yumba Rugs

The Yumba Rugs are a very special limited object for us, and we are excited to finally have them online!

These rugs are handmade using our fabric ends by students of the Yumba Special School; a school for young people with disabilities in Tamale, Northern Ghana. 100% of the profits from the sale of these rugs will go directly to the school, we are just hosting the sales for them. 

Ghana has fairly poor government provisions for special education, and the Yumba Special School receives very limited resources from the government. While handwork teaches students hand eye coordination and creative use of color and texture, making and selling these rugs is also a way that the school supports itself. By offering a selection through our website we hope to bring the school considerably more income from these beauties than they can fetch in Tamale.

We have about 30 of these pieces available, and another ten are on offer through 100% Silk Shop in Toronto.