Yvette Tetteh

We meet up with our rockstar yoga instructor organic farm dried fruit maker pal Yvette Tetteh. 

 What do you do? How did you get started?

I teach yoga and run an agro-processing company that makes delicious dried fruit from Ghana! I moved to Ghana just over two years ago to start Yvaya Farm, and quickly realised that actually one of the most useful things I could do was to start a company that develops the agricultural value chain – rather than just adds to it. It’s strangely both extremely difficult and very straightforward running a company? Certainly keeps me active! Yoga I teach for pleasure – and because as an entrepreneur you’re often completely broke and real talk need a side hustle <laughs and cries>

What do you love most about your work?

I’m someone who naturally likes to keep to myself and spend all day reading or watching anime or potting plants, so I’m grateful that my work has me interacting with people at all! This is also the most challenging part haha. But seriously, I feel like my work in agro-processing and with yoga is genuinely nourishing of people and I love that. I love seeing my team grow and excel in their roles, I love that we make an awesome product that feeds people, and I love that my yoga instruction helps make people feel good.

What is your relationship to Osei-Duro?

I coveted Osei-Duro pieces for a minute on Instagram and online before finally getting to meet Molly and Maryanne and see the pieces close up at Elle Lokko. I feel so proud! I was in New York a few months ago and spotted their snakebite dress in the window of a boutique – I ran in and held the soft cloth between my fingers and was beaming as I told the sales people that Molly was a friend and I’d taught her pre-natal yoga. They weren’t as excited as me.

How do you style your Osei-Duro pieces?

I feel like they style me! I like to dress with character, but also be comfortable, and also be able to go from the factory to a business meeting to an evening drink. My Osei Duro items are some of the few clothes in my wardrobe that have me looking good in any situation. I usually just add a pair of earrings, a single bold ring, and a nice easy pair of day heels or sandals.


All photos: Amandla Baraka