Maame Adjei / Actor & Producer

Stylish individual in a handwoven coat seated amidst lush greenery on a wooden bench.


Maame Adjei is possibly the busiest woman in Accra. Her projects are multitude, so much that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Known for her work on television show An African City, Adjei also has a one woman show called Girl Going Places, makes numerous guest appearances, and recently starred in a yet-to-be-released short film by Billie Adwoa McTernan. We caught up with her at TeeBaa, where she comes when she does find time to relax.

What do you do and what do you love most about your work?

I’m an actor and producer. The freedom to pursue what I’m most passionate about without boundaries. The ability to morph into someone else (as an actor) and really sink into what it’s like to be in another's mind frame.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Wake up, emails, emails and more emails. Then meetings, interviews and more meetings. That’s basically my life these days.

Where do you find inspiration?

My family, Tumblr, the streets of Accra, music.

How does the city you live in influence your creativity?

Sensory overload! Accra allows me to pull from so many different areas into my work. I get to meet so many different people with interesting stories and it always sparks an idea for a project or a trait I need to infuse into my characters for depth and authenticity.

Is there any music you’re loving right now?

Chance The Rapper – Coloring Book – Obsessed with how he’s tinged it with gospel and blues. I’m so heavy on his bandwagon right now.

Recommend something to us!

TeaBaa – my favourite restaurant in Accra right now. Robert Glasper - Music for the soul. Putting a fried egg on a chicken burger. I’m so late to this party but umm delicious! Who knew? I didn’t!

Where would you most like to live?

In a small town or village outside of Accra. Any one of them. Growing vegetables and raising my three (future) children with my (future) hubby. Is that specific enough? lol

Side view of a person with sandy hair at the beach, wearing a colorful scarf.”

What is your relationship to Osei-Duro?

I met Molly and Maryanne in 2014 after we shot An African City. I never heard of the brand before I wore some of the pieces on the show and I was instantly smitten. Osei-Duro is really like family to me.

What’s your favorite Osei-Duro piece in your wardrobe and why?

My favourite piece is an earth tone kimono dress. It’s so easy and chic! I actually found out it’s supposed to be a beach cover up but I wear it as a dress because why not!

Is there a memorable occasion or story where you’ve worn our clothing?

I was in South Africa for the first time a few years ago for a film festival and I wore my kimono dress and I can’t tell you how many compliments I got on it. And I was so proud to say it was made in Ghana.

How do you style your Osei-Duro pieces?

The beauty of Osei-Duro pieces is their versatility. So I’ve worn them to the beach, I’ve worn them to festivals with flats, I’ve worn them to dinner with heels. I’ve styled them every way possible and it still works. ∆


Maame modeled for us at the beach outside of Accra. Photos styled and shot by Kenturah Davis.

Person with a scarf cover their face on the beach holding a stick with flowing fabrics, ocean waves in the background.



Colorful Para Dress with mixed prints, posed against red backdrop, showcasing outfit’s vibrant contrast and style.

Para Dress in Carnival


XS S M L 1X 2X 3X 4X

Black floral shirt dress with large purple and yellow flowers, button-up front, and neat collar.

Para Dress in Love Perfect


XS S M L 1X 4X

Katharos Dress in All Ideas
Stylish Katharos Dress in Nap Time print, a versatile triangle wrap top with black and tan print with rectangle wrap skirt.