The Reruns Buyback Program is one of our social initiatives that started as a pilot project in 2021. After the pilot proved successful, we started to implement it as a permanent program starting in January 2022. Reruns operates twice yearly, with a cohort of 3 women for each term. 

We are pleased to announce that Fall 2023 is about to start and we are now accepting your unwanted Osei-Duro clothing.

The aim of the program is to provide job skills and training to women in recovery who live in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, while simultaneously closing the loop on our own textile waste.

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is home to one of the worst drug problems in North America. It homes a disproportionate number of indigenous peoples, has a high rate of drug use and opioid overdoses, decrepit and squalid housing, and a high prevalence of severe mental illness (which often co-occurs with addiction).

The program is a partnership between the Osei-Duro and the Union Gospel Mission. It aims to provide a stepping stone in the employment continuum, building on UGM’s social enterprise sewing program's outstanding success.

The program runs for 12 weeks, giving us time to receive your old clothing, assign you a store credit, assess the garments, potentially repair or alter, photo, list online, and have a sale of the clothes.


  • Collect your unwanted Osei-Duro Clothing 
  • Mail it, before October 10th, 2023 to the below address
  • If you're mailing from outside of Canada please devalue the package (if the value is declared to be over $60 CAD, we will be required to pay duty. This will result in your package being rejected and sent back to you).
  • Include a slip of paper with your name and email address
  • Add to your safe emails (your store credit will come from this email)
  • Be patient - it may take up to two months (but usually sooner) to process and issue store credit. 

Mail to:


C/O Ash Logan

711 E 6th Ave, Apt 304

Vancouver, BC, V5T 1L7


Credit Tiers:

  • Shipping credit: $15USD (everyone who mails clothing to us will get this credit added, as a gesture in lieu of free shipping for the returns) 
  • $20USD - tops, tanks, accessories, bottoms, dresses, and jumpsuits older than 2018
  • $30USD - most dresses and jumpsuits made throughout 2018 or later
  • $40USD - Higher priced outerwear such as Theca coats. 

And finally, a cute video the CBC did on our pilot program: